8 different women you can easily Meet (Daytime vs. Nightlife vs. software) | babes Chase


There are many different sorts of females to fulfill. Many men meet the same 1-2 kinds of ladies repeatedly without recognizing. However they are you meeting the most effective one(s) for you?

I thought I’d draw up a fun post on different ‘classes’ of women and in which they can be found. Significantly just like a ‘monster compendium’ of

Dungeons & Dragons


Since we are achieving this day video game focus (with Hector’s time video game program

Satisfy Babes Almost Everywhere

about prepared launch), I happened to be taking into consideration the girls you most frequently meet via day game vs. those you meet via night online game vs. those you fulfill via matchmaking applications.

I was thinking this’d end up being a nice little portion doing; one that differentiates between these various types, that you will oftentimes satisfy in various ways/venues/times/places.

The 8 types of women can be:

  1. Plain Jane
  2. Wendy Workaholic
  3. Betty Bonkers
  4. The Wild Freak
  5. Goldie Gold-digger
  6. The Chillaxer
  7. Maureen Morality
  8. fuck single moms Sally

Without additional ado, let’s explore each…

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